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“Writing Aerobics” customized, in-house training
your business communications leaner,
stronger, and more productive.


These three words sum up the simple regimen that every piece of business writing needs: Rearrange for logical flow, clarity, and comprehension. Reword, using specific terms and cutting all jargon. Reduce, until repetition and extraneous material have disappeared. What remains is a lean, muscular, "fat-free" manuscript that wastes no energy doing its job--saving both writer and reader time and money.


During our initial meeting, we'll discuss exactly what kind of improvements you'd like to see in your firm's written communications--using actual examples, both well and poorly written, of your firm's memos, reports, and letters. Any identifying material is of course carefully changed or deleted before it is used as an example in the seminar.

Once goals are clear, a curriculum based on your particular needs is designed-because writing customer service letters may require an entirely different approach than writing interoffice memos. Individual attention is given to each participant; I help pinpoint their strengths and challenges, and speak directly to those topics during the course. Result: Time saved, effort saved, money saved.


Many staff members might admit privately that their writing could use some help... but still feel they're being "punished" when slated for a business writing seminar. However, I can promise your staff that a few hours at this seminar will make their lives easier forever--saving them time and trouble no matter what they write. I can work one-on-one with key staff to help them improve their writing, or create a thoroughly customized presentation for groups of up to 8 employees, at any level throughout your company.


The majority of executives and staff benefit the most from two or three half-day sessions. spaced several days apart. This minimizes disruption of daily schedules, and gives participants an opportunity to apply what they've learned. Seminar scheduling, however, is entirely up to you.


Fees depend on the length of the seminar and the number of people
participating. The standard daily fee for up to five participants is $1500.

To learn how Writing Aerobics for Business can work for you and your staff, call for a consultation appointment free of charge. Please contact Joan Iaconetti at 212.254.9311s (e-mail: iaconetti@usa.net; website: www.joanweb.com).


Joan Iaconetti, M.S., is the author of the management guide First-Time
(Macmillan, 1985; twelve years in print). She has six years experience as a stand-up trainer conducting seminars in business writing, customer service, leadership, and stress management.

Her articles on career and management issues have appeared in Fortune, Global Finance, Business Week, Working Woman, and many other national consumer and business trade magazines. She has also taught at every level through undergraduate and graduate school, as well as adult education.

Her clients for management training seminars include Conde Nast Publications, Citibank, several Manhattan museums, and the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York.  #

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