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"Like all good writers, I'm a quick study, have superb organizational and research skills, and never miss a deadline. Unlike most writers, I was also a practicing psychotherapist and management consultant for ten years--very useful in understanding client needs and creating persuasive communications. And after twenty years, I still love my work."
           Joan Iaconetti is a writer, travel photographer, and management consultant.
              Author of the book First-Time Manager (Macmillan, 1985), she now creates ad copy and corporate communications for businesses of all kinds, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Her articles and travel photos have been widely published in national magazines.
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"You're amazing! I gave you the deadest copy I'd ever seen, and you really breathed some life into it."
Colin Stoddard, Account Executive, Sillery & Partners Advertising, Stamford, CT

"My client really loved the pieces you did for the marketing project. Everybody stopped by my office to ask who the new copywriter is...it's a pleasure working with a true professional."

Ying Liang Gregg, Marketing Director, Fultonex Inc., New York City

    about   |   copywriting   |   magazines   |   corporate   |    photography   |   fees & faqs   |   email me