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Authentication, verification, due diligence--an essential part of transacting business ever since a handshake stopped being enough. But with the unprecedented growth of the Internet, due diligence itself is no longer adequate for successful e-commerce. 
Digital certificate issuers (Certificate Authorities, or CAs), web marketplace entities, and e-shoppers  know that better than anyone: Both buyers and suppliers demand heightened reliability, security, and privacy for Web transactions. Security that User ID's and passwords can no longer guarantee.

 Enter, a wholly-owned subsiary of Dun & Bradstreet. For decades, D&B has served commerce by authenticating, verifying, and gathering accurate, current information about businesses around the world. 

D&B now brings that expertise to the e-commerce world with Providing a host of services both new and traditional, assures security, reliability, and creditworthiness in the Internet marketplace.

Any company can still conduct its own Authentication and Verification process, of course--but what does a firm do when it gets an e-mail order from an unknown company outside the US? Or locates a hard-to-find product on the website of an unfamiliar foreign business?

You could use the D&B database yourself, as many firms still do--but what if the company in question isn't listed? Can you send someone to check it out in person? Can you make a successful call to Turkey to verify the information? 

 NEW SOLUTIONS FOR E-COMMERCE AND TRADITIONAL BUSINESS can, and does--hundreds of times a day--worldwide. offers expert, expanded business-to-business services to CAs and other Internet marketing entities. These include:

  •  searching the huge D&B database of 55 million global businesses;
  •  authenticating business names and addresses;
  •  completing off-line searches; 
  •  verifying business locations around the globe via telephone;
  •  confirming Internet domain names through InterNIC;completing employee/employment confirmation via telephone.
  •  licensed use of D&B's unique DUNS Number, adding unprecedented tracking capabilty to digital certificates

D-U-N-S Numbers: Bridging Business and e-Commerce

Years ago, D&B began assigning each company a globally unique business identifier: the 9-digit D-U-N-S Number. 

Through, this identifying number becomes the key to D&B's wealth of ever-growing, constantly updated business information and services. Combined, they  add unique value and capabilities to Digital Certificates.

How? Embedded in a Digital Certificate, the D-U-N-S Number transforms the certificate into a means to monitor accounts, track customers' purchasing patterns, retrieve credit information, and validate creditworthiness. 

Second, in addition to allowing instant on-line recognition, companies can use the D-U-N-S Number with their own proprietary software (or with's soon-to-be-available e-rate software, described in an accompanying Fact Sheet). They'll be able to screen potential customers on-line--automatically and invisibly, within seconds--according to customizable, pre-set rules they choose themselves.

Third, the DUNS Number serves to link branches and subsidiaries of large parent companies. By entering the parent company's D-U-N-S Number, the "family tree" of all the companies associated with it automatically appear--making authentication/verification searches speedier and simpler. 

When you outsource your digital certificate applicants' Authentication/Verification process to, D&B automatically grants you a license to embed and use the unique D-U-N-S Number within the certificate. Your certificates are recognized instantly and globally, and provide all the benefits mentioned:

  • more cost-efficient thanks to economy of scale;
  •  quicker:   95% of requests are completed within 48 hours or less;
  •  trained support teams do it with top efficiently;
  •  better customer service;
  •  many advantages of DUNS Number,
  •  monitor accounts, 
  •  track customers' purchasing patterns, 
  •  retrieve credit information, 
  •  validate creditworthiness on-line,
  •  screen buyers with a customized set of rules
 The requirements for successful e-commerce are ever-growing and ever-changing. With on your side, you have an immediate edge--plus long-term support from the world's most trusted third-party infomediary. 

TECHNICAL/SECURITY INFORMATION combines D&B's respected services with heightened security, both on-line and off. A state of the art mainframe computer with triple-horned firewall, located in a heavily secured and guarded building, assures privacy.

The system requires the following: 
Operating System: NT 4.0 SP4 or Solaris NS Enterprise 3.6; 
Server: IIS 4.0 or Netscape Enterprise 3.6.

ABOUT AND D&B is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet, created to power B-to-B e-commerce transactions. Authenticated, constantly updated business information provide A/V, credit, marketing, purchasing and decision-support services for traditional and web businesses.

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