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Dear Ms./Mr. School Principal:

Your top priority is creating better schools, and so is mine: I’m an architect with Magnusson Architecture & Planning. We have specialized for 16 years in educational design for K-12 schools and colleges.

MAP is a mid-sized firm, and we take pride in working closely with our clients to assure that each school’s physical setting supports its learning philosophy. We keep abreast of changes in pedagogy, and are experienced in involving educators, students, and the community in the planning process. Our clients give us high marks for designing cost-effective projects that meet their budget and schedule requirements.

MAP has worked with Stuyvesant High School to build their main facility and several smaller projects; Berkely Carroll School’s science lab renovation; and Mercy College Bronx’s new Science Building (see enclosed photo).

If you are presently planning a new capital project, or require a feasibility study for an upcoming project, please contact me at 212-000-0000. An exploratory discussion often greatly clarifies your school’s particular needs, resulting in new space that better serves your students – space that complements and expands your school’s capabilities.

May I visit you to learn more about your school, and to explain how we can help make your next project more successful? I will contact you for an appointment next week.

Best regards,

Joseph L., AIA
Principal, MAP


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