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N A T I O N A L   O R G A N I Z A T I O N   for  W O M E N

1988 Direct mail fundraising brochures for the National Judicial Education Program; pro bono work for NOW, the National Organization for Women.





This judge--and thousands like him--believes...

  •  that most divorced women receive plenty of alimony--and spend it extravagantly.
  •  that ex-husbands don't mind paying child support, because "within a year she'll be married off again anyway."
  •  that working women have long since achieved equality in the factories, school, and boardrooms of America.
All untrue. All myths.

How can judges--educated, intelligent people, proud of their impartiality--be so shockingly unaware of the facts? 

Simple: Popular culture and the media have for years reinforced the idea that all women have "come a long way, baby"--and that alimony and child support are every divorcee's ticket to Easy Street. 

Yet the fact is that for every celebrity divorcee collecting $200,000 a year in alimony, there are thousands of divorced women and children forced to live below poverty level--thanks to support awards that barely cover everyday necessities. 

(And that's when they're among the 50% of women lucky enough to actually receive support payments at all.) 

For years, judges didn't have the facts. But now the National Judicial Education Program to Promote Equality for Men and Women in the Courts is changing that. 

The NJEP is solving the problem at its root, and we need your help to continue.


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