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Direct Mail B2B postcard

COVER    Illustrations:  three stock photos:
Old Master painting: 
detail of a saint
group of Hari Krishnas
dancing with tambourines
Businessman reading Investor's Business Daily newspaper

True believers come in all varieties.

Ours just have more disposable income.


And they read Investor’s Business Daily religiously. 
In fact—according to the 1999 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey--they believe IBD to be virtually infallible. 

Blind faith? Not at all. It’s because IBD’s financial advice works. Proven investment strategies, hard-core world market analysis, stock information that’s found in our pages and nowhere else. That’s why they rate IBD #1 among the five leading financial publications.*

And while everybody prays for a healthy Dow;  wise investors rely on IBD to plan and build their retirements. Advertise in IBD’s Special Section on “The Good Life” (close date: etc.) and you’ll have the faith, attention, and loyalty of  839,000 of the country’s most affluent* decision makers.

Put your trust in a higher power: 
Investor’s Business Daily


Box or sidebar: 

Meet the average IBD reader:

  • He or she rates IBD #1 over Barron’s, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal.
  •  Net worth: $1.1 million dollars 
  •  Average income: $121,000 (higher than readers of the above publications)
  •  Regularly makes company decisions regarding purchase of technology, financial services, real estate, auto fleets 
  •  60% are managerial; 41% hold one of the five top-ranking jobs in his/her organization

No, you won’t duplicate your audience by advertising in IBD—in fact, you’ll more than double it.

  •  72.7% of IBD readers DO NOT read Barron’s
  •  72.5% of IBD readers DO NOT read Business Week
  •  76.5% of IBD readers DO NOT read Forbes
  •  66.8% of IBD readers DO NOT read Money
  •  57.2% of IBD readers DO NOT read The Wall Street Journal
  •    84% of  IBD readers DO NOT read The New York Times
Source: 1999 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey

IBD delivers true believers. 

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