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c l i e n t :

C E N T U R Y   L E T T E R   C O M P A N Y

One of a series of Sales letters; this one was designed to
look like a formal dinner party invitation.
Part of a direct-mail campaign for a New York City lettershop.

Dear Mr. Smithers: 

So let's say you're running for President. 

Just one more sit-down dinner for, oh, a thousand or so should bring in that last, oh, ten million you need to get your campaign rolling straight to the White House. 

Just one question about the invitations. How do you get around the dreaded "junk-mail" stigma? 

Because you don't have to be named Sherlock to know what "CRRT-SORT" means. 

Well, we understand Tiffany's offers a lovely selection of engraved invitations, addressed by professional calligraphers. Ka-ching.

Let us rephrase that question. 

How do you get your addressees to open your invitation without filing 
Chapter 11? 

That's where we come in. 

With envelopes, papers, and custom printing that just scream "Expensive." 
But aren't. 

That look, feel, and whisper "Unique." But aren't. 

That are so unusually fine and elegant, your guests will consider leaving them propped against the Baccarat on the mantelpiece. 

What an idea. Mass mailings. Unique and beautiful enough to keep. 

We, of course, have never considered that a contradiction in terms. 

Call us for some actual samples we've created for clients as discerning as you. Or visit our website at www.centltr.com. Or, what the heck, both. 

Century Letter. We get your message into your customers' hands. 


Steve Dorfman, Sales and Marketing 


[] Call me. I was so relieved when I realized this wasn't another wedding invitation. 
[] By the way, do you do wedding invitations? 
[] Thanks, but I'm sending my secretary to a penmanship course next week. 
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